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WV HDF Re-issues Code Enforcement Technical Assistance RFP

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The West Virginia Housing Development Fund has re-issued its Request for Proposals for the new Code Enforcement Technical Assistance Support as part of the Property Rescue Initiative program. The Code Enforcement Technical Assistance program offers up to $10,000 in financial assistance to enhance existing or to create effective code enforcement for communities. The financing can be used for adopting and updating ordinances, procuring a certified code enforcement official, training in code enforcement procedures and practices, personal certifications or department accreditation relevant to code enforcement, and now it also includes contractor labor as it directly relates to demolition of dilapidated residential structures.

The financial assistance comes in the form of an unsecured loan. Generally, the loans will be 0% interest, deferred and forgivable at the time of the final loan disbursement.

The change to this application round will allow smaller municipalities with significantly limited resources to hire a certified Code Enforcement official to assist as needed in the enforcement of the State Building Code or International Property Maintenance Code for the demolition or rehabilitation of residential structures. This gives small towns better access to enforcement professionals who know the ins and outs of building code enforcement such as what the violations are, implementing a strategic plan, how to serve notice, engaging with the property owner to resolve the issue, and avenues of legal action against the owner.

This type of financial assistance can help communities overcome some of the initial barriers to effective code enforcement. Effective code enforcement is key to preventing and managing problem properties such as those identified through the WVU BAD Buildings program. These properties cause a range of problems for communities such as stifled investment, diminished property values, increased crime, health and safety concerns, increased costs and risks for emergency services, and lower neighborhood moral.

Pre-applications are due by May 29th and Final Applications are due May 31st.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a municipality under 20,000 population or a county under 50,000 population
  • Receiving technical assistance as part of the Property Rescue Initiative Program
  • Have a feasible code enforcement strategy as determined by HDF or its contracted partners
  • Compliance with all applicable state and local laws relating to the adoption of the code or ordinance
  • Have the authority to enter into a binding debt obligation for the term of the loan. Cities or counties may authorize other organizations to apply for a Program Loan on their behalf

Documents for applicants:

Request for Proposals and Program Guide – Word Document

Request for Proposals and Program Guide – PDF

Important dates for applicants are:

  • Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 – Pre-application deadline

Applicants are required to submit one (1) ELECTRONIC COPY of the pre-application by the pre-application submission deadline. The pre-application must be typed and/or electronically prepared on the prescribed form.

  • Thursday, May 31st, 2018 – Final application deadline

Applicants are required to submit one (1) ELECTRONIC COPY and one (1) HARD COPY of the final application and all required attachments by the application submission deadline. The final application must be typed and/or electronically prepared and printed on the prescribed form.