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APC Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is tasked with guiding the direction and priorities of the APC by determining policy priorities, setting Coalition goals, and implementing strategies informed by all membership. The Steering Committee is composed of topic area experts and representatives from key organizations.

The members of the APC Steering Committee is composed of these seven core members and ad hoc members.

WVU BAD Buildings Program Member and Chair:
Carrie Staton
Director, WVU BAD Buildings Program

Northern Brownfields Assistance Center Member and Vice-Chair:
Ray Moeller
Project Manager, WV Northern Brownfields Assistance Center

WV Community Development Hub Member:
Stephanie Tyree
Executive Director, WV Community Development Hub

Coalfield Development Corporation Member:
Claudette (Claud) Karr
Real Estate Coordinator, Coalfield Development Corporation

WV Mainstreets Member and Vacant Schools Team Lead:
Michael (Mike) Gioulis
Principal, Michael Gioulis, Inc.

Preservation Alliance of WV Member:
Danielle LaPresta Parker
Executive Director, Preservation Alliance of West Virginia

Land Reuse Agency Member and Land Reuse Team Lead:
Christal Perry
Director of Demolitions, City of Huntington

Foundation Funder:
Todd Dorcas
Program Officer, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

Corporate Funder:
Marlo Long
Community Development, BB&T

Ad Hoc Member 1 and Vacant Schools Team Lead:
Shae Strait
Planner, City of Huntington

Ad Hoc Member 2:
Mary Hunt
Program Director, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

Ad Hoc Member 3:
Emily Wilson-Hauger
Program Manager, Woodlands Development Group