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The BAD Buildings Program, which is made possible through funding from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, is a statewide initiative that provides technical assistance and site analysis tools to develop and enhance abandoned/dilapidated buildings programs in West Virginia communities. The program addresses barriers to identifying, prioritizing, and redeveloping BAD buildings. You can also download a copy of the BAD Buildings Model Program Guide.

The BAD Buildings Model and tools support WV communities with limited local capacity and no abandoned/dilapidated buildings program. The model is based on the NBAC’s effective approach to brownfield redevelopment throughout the state. While not all abandoned/dilapidated buildings are brownfields, all brownfields can be viewed as abandoned/dilapidated buildings. The same challenges and opportunities surrounding a brownfield project are commonly encountered when addressing BAD Buildings.


To get started in a community, WVU BAD Buildings is looking for strong, local champions to kick off a team. These local champions can be representatives of a number of entities, including:

  • Unit of local government
  • Non-profit organization
  • Government entity created by State Legislature
  • Community organization
  • Redevelopment agency that is chartered or otherwise sanctioned by the state

It is important to have buy-in from the local government (e.g., City Council) in the process, though they are not required to be the lead organization. Groups other than local governments who would like to start the BAD Buildings process can reach out to their local governments before connecting with WVU BAD Buildings, or this is a step that our team can help with.

Communities that have an existing abandoned/dilapidated buildings program are encouraged to apply. The BAD Buildings Program is designed to offer technical support to communities at varying stages of local redevelopment and with differing levels of local capacity.


Begin the process by contacting Nicole Dias or Carrie Staton and downloading the Program Guide.