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APC Teams

The APC Teams are groups composed of APC Constituent, steering committee members, and other interested individuals  who actively work on a priority issue endorsed by the Steering Committee. The issues pursued by teams may lead to research and an expansion of knowledge, policy proposals, and other outcomes across the state. Below are the teams currently active in the APC.

Vacant Schools Team

There are more than 300 vacant and under-utilized school buildings in West Virginia, many in the heart of our communities. Nearly everyone is impacted by their vacancy.

The Vacant Schools Team is working to make sure that these structures, many of which have historic value, which were built with taxpayer dollars, and which hold a special place in the hearts of community members, have an opportunity to keep giving back to their communities.

Members of the vacant schools team include, Historic Preservation Experts, Architects, Urban Planning Professionals, and Policy Professionals.

Currently, this team is working to develop a process through which County School Boards would receive tools to help them market decommissioning school buildings to potential developers. Additionally, the team is advocating for the WV Legislature to allocate funding for County School Boards to be able to participate in this process.

Another of this team's projects include the Abandoned Schools Inventory. This inventory contains schools that have been abandoned and vacant all across West Virginia. The majority of these schools were added through survey and we know this inventory is not complete. If you know of a vacant school not currently on the inventory, contact Summer Phillips at

If you’re interested in working with the Vacant Schools Team, please email Taylor Bennett at

Land Reuse Team

The Land Reuse Team is focused on finding policy solutions which are designed to help cities and counties across the state put problem properties back into productive reuse. 

Some of the most effective tools in reducing abandonment and dilapidation are Land Reuse Agencies. LRAs provide local governments a mechanism to transition properties from being a financial burden, to properties that can give back to their communities- either by producing tax revenue or supporting public services, such as parks and libraries.

Members of the Land Reuse Team represent LRAs from across the state, as well as urban planning professionals, city attorneys, policy experts, and concerned citizens. 

Currently, the Land Reuse Team is working to preserve the Right of First Refusal for Land Reuse Agencies at the County Tax Sale. 

The Land Reuse Team meets the first Wednesday of every month at 11 am.

If you’d like to start a Land Reuse Agency or support policy solutions to help Land Reuse Agencies be even more effective at helping to reduce property abandonment and dilapidation, contact Taylor Bennett at

Demolition and Rehabilitation Fund Team

There are an estimated 20,902 buildings in West Virginia that desperately need to be demolished. The BAD Buildings Impact Fund Team is fighting to secure funding from the WV Legislature that can be granted to local governments and other entities to help them address the pressing public safety, health, and economic concerns presented by these structures. 

A part of this fund would be reserved to grant to County School Boards so that they could participate in the planning process outlined by the APC’s Vacant Schools Team. The team envisions that one day, this fund will also be able to help prevent the need for demolition by being used to rehab dilapidated structures. 

The Demo/Rehab Team meets the first Thursday of every month at 2 pm. 

If you’re interested in supporting the work of the BAD Buildings Impact Fund Team, please email Taylor Bennett at