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Blight: Quick Facts

Blighted buildings in Webster Springs

Blight is when a previously functioning city, or part of a city, falls into disrepair. 

Negative impacts of blight:

  • Increased number of drug, theft, and violent crimes
  • More than 70% of fires in vacant structures are arson/suspected arson
  • Poses environmental, health, and safety hazards
  • Reduces neighboring property values
  • Reduces tax revenue from depressed property values
  • Slows local economic development
  • Detracts potential entrepreneurs and developers
  • Demoralizes communities

Eliminating blight through redevelopment can:

  • Turn community health and safety liabilities into community assets
  • Create new, local jobs
  • Increase property values
  • Enhance economic/tax base development
  • Improve economic vitality
  • Support sustainable use of land and greenfield preservation
  • Prevent urban sprawl and decreases civil infrastructure costs
  • Rehabilitation retains community identity through the architectural fabric
  • Eliminate eyesores