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Demolition & Deconstruction

Excavator demolishing a property

Below are organizations that offer funding for demolition and deconstruction projects, as well as other useful resources. Check out these  tools to guide you through the demolition process


WVHDF Property Rescue Initiative

Eligibility : Cities and counties must have the authority to acquire and/or demolish the property and the structures to be razed must constitute a health and safety hazard.
Funding used for: Formerly known as the Demolition Program, the program provides loans to be used to acquire and remove vacant and dilapidated properties from communities.
Fund description: $1 million is available annually for the next 5 years (beginning in 2015). An eligible applicant may receive up to $250,000. Program Loan terms may be for periods up to seven years and will accrue interest at graduated rates starting in the second year. For more details, see the  program guide .
Deadline: rolling


Litter Control Grant Program

Eligibility : Municipalities and county government agencies
Funding used for: Community cleanup and litter enforcement projects
Fund description: Funding is provided through litter fines imposed on those who violate state litter laws. The maximum amount of funding is $5,000
Deadline: May 31 annually

Additional ideas to acquire funding for demolition or deconstruction

Establish a self-financed revolving fund that is a line item on the budget. A fund of $50,000 could demolish approximately five houses.

Put a lien on the property (local government) to recover costs and a judgment may also be filed against the property owner personally.

Establish a side yard program: After a structure is demolished, the ordinance allows the lot to be offered first to the owners who live adjacent to the property.

Develop inter-governmental agreements with Housing Authorities or other entities that can use the property as part of a redevelopment project.

Research federal programs such as the National Stabilization Program and others at GRANTS.GOV.

The US EPA offers additional suggestions for how to fund demolition projects.

Regional Resources

Visit our regional resources page for organizations specific to your county or area.
For further support, contact your regional planning and development council.