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Economic Development

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These organizations offer funding opportunities (grants, loans, tax credits) to improve the economic vitality of your community through business.

Below is a list of funds available from these organizations. You can visit each organization's website for more information and details.


CommunityWorks in West Virginia serves to unite local housing-related agencies and organizations to assure safe and affordable housing. Representing twenty-seven organizations, CWWV provides a variety of services to its members through technical assistance and training, innovative mortgage lending products, and member services support programs including advocacy at the federal and state levels. Loans programs include Premier Loan, Leverage Loan, Rehab Lending, Designer Loan, and Commercial Loans. Visit the CommunityWorks website or contact information and to see a list of member organizations.


Community Development Block Grants (Non-Entitlement) for States and Small Cities

Eligibility: State-determined eligible units of general local government
Funding used for: To carry out a wide range of community development activities directed toward neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and improved community facilities and services.
Fund description: Federal funding grants
Deadline: Annual.

West Virginia Community Advancement and Development

Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP)

Eligibility: Contributing businesses and individuals who donate to NIP-approved 501(c)3 designated charitable organizations, who can apply for tax credit vouchers and distribute them.
Funding used for: Programs and services that support the community.
Fund description: Tax Credits. The West Virginia Legislature sets aside $2.5 million annually in state tax credits for the NIP.
Additional information: Contact the West Virginia Development Office at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-2234.
Deadline: Annual. Call to verify.

Main Street and ON TRAC

Eligibility: Any traditional, historic downtown or neighborhood commercial district in the state.
Funding used for: To tackle the complex issue of downtown and neighborhood commercial district revitalization, capitalizing on the history and the resources of the community itself.
Fund description: Technical assistance.
Deadline: Applications are taken during specific application periods. Contact the Main Street/ON TRAC West Virginia office to be placed on the notification list. Information is automatically sent to every mayor and city clerk.

Land and Water Conservation Fund program (LWCF)

Eligibility: Units of local government, independent park boards, commissions, districts and state government.
Funding used for: Acquisition and/or development of high-quality, public outdoor recreational areas.
Fund description: 50/50 reimbursable matching grants (federal funding)
Additional information: Contact John McGarrity or Jim Marshall at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-4010
Deadline: Call to verify

Appalachian Regional Commission

Eligibility: Public entities (cities, towns, counties, regions, public service districts) and nonprofit organizations.
Funding used for: Activities that create opportunities for self-sustaining economic development and improved quality of life.
Fund description: Federal grants.
Additional information: Contact the West Virginia Development Office at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-2234. 

Community Participation Grant Program

Eligibility: Units of local government, generally counties and municipalities
Funding used for: Community and economic development projects / meaningful public improvements projects
Fund description: State grant funds
Additional information: Contact Debbie Legg or Kelly Workman at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-4010.
Deadline: Available year-round. Call to verify.

Local Economic Development (LED) Grant Program

Eligibility: County development corporations or authorities, A multi-county or regional development corporation or authority, Regional Planning and Development Councils
Funding used for: To undertake economic development activities and to complete Certified Development Community (CDC) program requirements.
Fund description: Matching state grants, up to $31,008 per county.
Additional information: Contact the West Virginia Development Office at (800) 982-3386 or (304) 558-2234
Deadline: Call to verify.

Certified Development Community (CDC) Program

Eligibility: Entry into the Certified Development Community program is open at any time to any community in West Virginia. For the purpose of the program, a community is either a county or a multi-county region.
Funding used for: Prepare and equip communities across the state to respond to the needs of existing and prospective business and industry through the Industrial Park Track or Entrepreneurial Track.
Fund description: Technical assistance
Additional information: Contact the West Virginia Development Office at 800-982-3386, or 304-558-2234
Deadline: Available year-round.


Direct Loan Program

Eligibility: Existing or prospective creditworthy manufacturing, distribution centers, technology-based service companies and other businesses currently targeted by the West Virginia Development Office meeting WVEDA’s job creation criteria.
Funding used for: Fixed assets; job creation and retention and economic benefit to the state.
Fund description: Low interest, direct loan, minimum $50,000 and maximum $10,000,000.
Additional information: Contact David Warner, Tony Benedetto, Joey Browning or Steven Webb.
Deadline: Available year-round.

Tax-Exempt Industrial Development Bonds

Eligibility: Communities who wish to endorse a business, and have passed by their local governing unit an Inducement Resolution.
Funding used for: Nonexempt (small-issue) projects, projects in Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities, exempt facilities.
Fund description: Tax-exempt bonds, up to US Internal Revenue Code “statewide” cap.
Deadline: November

Loan Insurance Program

Eligibility: Businesses; bank makes the application.
Funding used for: Fixed assets or other needs such as inventory and working capital, not construction loans nor lines of credit.
Fund description: Insurance of up to 80% of a bank loan; insured portion not to exceed $500,000.
Additional information: Contact WVEDA
Deadline: Available year-round.


Corporate Headquarters Credit

Eligibility: Corporations who relocate their headquarters to WV.
Funding used for: Credit available if 15 new jobs are created within the first year.
Fund description: Tax credits
Deadline: Available year-round.

Economic Opportunity Credit

Eligibility: Qualified business.
Funding used for: Companies must create at least 20 new jobs within specified time limits (eg 10 jobs for small businesses).
Fund description: Tax Credit up to 80% of specified business. Up to 100% if company creates the requisite number of jobs that pay an annual median wage higher than the state average on-farm payroll wage. Or, a $3,000 credit is allowed per new full time job provided it meets a certain salary minimum. Deadline: Available year-round.

“Five-For-Ten” Program

Eligibility: Qualified businesses with manufacturing property.
Funding used for: Businesses must make qualified capital improvements of at least $50 million to an existing base of $100 million or more.
Fund description: Values the new capital addition at a salvage value of 5% for the first 10 years.
Deadline: Available year-round.

“Five For Ten” Program: Fractionating Plants and Secondary Plants

Eligibility: Property owner. 

Funding used for: Real and personal property of facilities that are or will be classified under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code number 211112 (natural gas liquid extraction “fractionating” plants) and to manufacturing facilities that use products produced at a facility with a 211112 NAICS code.
Fund description: Special property tax valuation of 5 percent of the cost of the qualified property instead of fair market value.
Deadline: Available year-round.

Manufacturing Investment Credit

Eligibility: Businesses.
Funding used for: Qualified investment in eligible manufacturing property, with no new job creation required
Fund description: Tax credit of up to 60 percent of corporate net income tax and business franchise tax
Deadline: Available year-round.

Manufacturing Inventory Credit

Eligibility: Businesses.
Funding used for: Raw materials, goods in process and finished goods manufacturing inventory.
Fund description: Offsets the business franchise tax and corporate net income tax in the amount of property tax paid on such materials.
Deadline: Available year-round.

Commercial Patent Incentives Tax Credit

Eligibility: Businesses.
Funding used for: Royalties, license fees and other consideration for developers of a patent or a percentage of net profit attributable to a patent used in a manufacturing process or product.
Fund description: Tax Credit up to 100% of the business franchise tax, corporation net income tax, or in the case of individual taxpayers, the personal income tax.
Deadline: Available year-round.

High-Tech Manufacturing Tax Credit

Eligibility: Businesses
Funding used for: Manufacture of certain computers and peripheral equipment, electronic components or semi-conductors and which create at least 20 new jobs within one year after placement of qualified investment into service
Fund description: Tax credit of 100% of the business and occupation tax, business franchise tax, corporate net income tax, and personal income tax on certain pass through.
Deadline: Available year-round.

High-Technology Valuation Act

Eligibility: Businesses.
Funding used for: Tangible personal property, including servers, directly used in a high-technology business or in an internet advertising business.
Fund description: Such property is valued for property tax purposes at 5 percent of the original cost of the property. Furthermore, sales tax is eliminated from all purchases of prewritten computer software, computers, computer hardware, servers, building materials and tangible personal property, for direct use in a high-technology business or internet advertising business.
Deadline: Available year-round.

Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption

Eligibility: Businesses.
Funding used for: Materials and equipment purchased for direct use in manufacturing.
Fund description: Exemption from 6% state sales and use tax.
Deadline: Available year-round.

The Tourism Matching Advertising Partnership Program

Eligibility: Businesses and their partners
Funding used for: Advertising and promotion of tourism through partnerships.
Fund description: Reimbursable matching funds for direct advertising. Applicants must provide minimum 50% of total cost for programs at the $10,000+ level or 25% at $7500 level. (verify amounts – found different info)
Deadline: Available year-round.

High-Growth Business Investment Tax Credit

Eligibility: Businesses
Funding used for: Start-up, growth-oriented and research and development business which increase employment and economic development.
Fund description: Tax credit equal to 50 percent of the qualified investment made in companies that have been certified by the tax commissioner as eligible for the Strategic R&D Tax Credit.
Deadline: Available year-round.


Community Lending Program

Eligibility: Member financial institutions
Funding used for: Qualified community and economic development projects that create housing, build infrastructure, help small businesses and strengthen neighborhoods.
Fund description: Loans; matching funds at a competitive rate; $825 million noncompetitive revolving loan pool.
Deadline: Available year-round.

Banking On Business

Eligibility: Small businesses
Funding used for: Start-up and expansion of eligible small businesses, to eventually create or retain jobs and promote local economic growth.
Fund description: Loans.
Deadline: Available year-round as funds are available.

Blueprint Communities

Eligibility: Community team; one member must be a member of FHL Bank Pittsburgh whose service area includes the Blueprint Community.
Funding used for: innovative activities, policies or programs implemented that have demonstrated success in solving community needs.
Fund description: Grant award.
Deadline: Annual.

Regional Resources

Visit our regional resources page for organizations specific to your county or area.
For further support, contact your regional planning and development council.

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