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Property Rescue Initiative


West Virginia Property Rescue Initiative

The Property Rescue Initiative (PRI) is a program of the West Virginia Housing Development Fund (WVHDF) that provides loan funding for communities who want to rid themselves of their blighted, dangerous properties.

Authorized by the West Virginia State Legislature in 2015, PRI will make available $1 million each year for the next 5 years to address blighted and dangerous structures.

Any city or county may apply to borrow PRI funds. Cities or counties may also authorize other organizations to apply for a PRI loan on their behalf.

Loans may not exceed $250,000 per borrower per fiscal year.


In 2016, five PRI workshops were held around the state to provide information and resources for communities interested in accessing PRI funding through a collaboration of the WVU BAD Buildings, the West Virginia Community Development Hub (the Hub), the WVU Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic and the WVHDF.

You can find materials from the first workshop on the workshop presentation page.

How to apply for PRI Technical Assistance

WVU BAD Buildings works closely with the WV Community Development Hub and the WVU Land Use Clinic to provide technical assistance to communities through tools and resources they need to successfully apply for the PRI loan and to execute an abandoned/dilapidated building program in their communities. Through this partnership, WVU BAD Buildings assists communities to identify, prioritize, and remove or reuse problem properties; the WVU Land Use Clinic offers assistance with legal review of municipal codes; and the Hub helps communities build local capacity.

For information on how you can participate in the technical assistance program, contact Nicole Dias.

How to apply for the PRI loan

The PRI Program Guide includes the application form for the loan and more information about the PRI program and you can download the program guide to print out.

Before submitting your PRI application, or if you have questions, contact the  WVHDF Area Manager Donna Martino, (304) 622-5621.

Ready to apply for the PRI loan?

Visit the  BAD Buildings Model page to learn more about the steps to inventory and prioritize abandoned and dilapidated properties. See specific tools to help you mobilize your community, survey buildings, and to develop an inventory. Or see a comprehensive list of tools offered through this site.